Exile Squadron

Published on: October 2, 2022


Exile Squadron is a side scrolling action space shooting game that was released in 2019. You have to take command of a fighter jet. As this is a side scrolling game, your fighter jet will travel from the left side of the game screen to the right side. The jet has got the firing and shooting abilities. The Exile Squadron game gives you the feature to upgrade your weapons. But some of the weapons are locked, you can unlock them after making progress in the game.

You have to impose your attack on the colonial forces in order to protect your earth. You have to kill each and every enemy that comes on your way. You can replace your weapons with one another according to the enemy or the game situation. You have to face the enemy boss at the end of every level, you must blow the boss to end the particular level. You will earn points as a reward for killing every enemy.

The bonus missions will be unlocked as you proceed further in the game. You can place yourself on the online leaderboard by killing more enemies. Exile Squadron is a very interesting and fast paced space shooting game that is available to play on the computer systems.