FlareX Immortal: Old Style RPG

FlareX Empyrean Campaign RPGs remake from Flare Empyrean Campaign RPGs. FlareX is a a single-player 2D action RPG with fast-paced action and a dark fantasy style.

Price: Free!

Published on: February 17, 2021


•Flare Mod: The Empyrean Campaign is a game made by the Flare team. The story begins with the player being exiled from their homeland of Empyrean, resulting in them embarking on a quest to regain entry. This journey takes the player through many regions, with plenty of side quests along the way.

•FlareX support:

+ Crafting system is a major part of the game economy, creating a useful purpose for all of the extra items and gold that players will accumulate over time. Players begin crafting early in the game, and continue doing so as their characters grow. Crafting remains useful in the end game when the highest level crafting recipes will be rolled over and over again, by players hoping to score great mods from the Random Properties in all crafting recipes.

•Mini Game:

+ Garena(beta) is where you can steal items from other players by defeating them. (support Lan, Online)

Last Updated on February 17, 2021