Football Manager 2021


Published on: October 2, 2022
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Football Manager 2021 is a 2020 football-management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive. The game serves as a successor to Football Manager 2020.  

The game allows you to assume the role of a football manager who has to build, maintain and manage every aspect of his team. With ultimate control over everything, there is only one boss and that’s you. The game allows you to pick any team from all around the globe and then mentor that team to greatness. The game features an authentically modelled and an incredibly detailed football world where you are given the ultimate freedom to control every aspect of your club. Featuring more than 50 different countries and 2500 different football club from all over the world, the game allows you to fulfil your dreams of managing your favorite football team to the highest levels. As implied in the name, the game focuses on you as the manager and everything else comes later. The game gives you incredible control over every aspect of your team and allows you to communicate with your players on a much deeper level. You can respond to their grievances and express your emotions through gestures. Another feature called quick chats allow you to maintain a friendly environment in the locker room 

The game gives you monthly reports from performance analysts that present all the relevant information in detailed  graphs and data maps. This information allows you to monitor your team strengths and weaknesses compared to their opponents’ and you can plan your game plan accordingly. The game introduces recruitment meetings with your staff to make sure everybody is updated on your current plan of action. You can even join hands with the backroom staff to assess the strength and weaknesses of your players off field. 

The game introduces several improvements to the in-game mechanics and every match now looks more true to life than it has ever been. There is built in Artificial Intelligence that allows you to analyze every aspect of the field and make decisions accordingly. The players also get the ability to make faster decisions which drastically improves the quality of the fixtures. Additionally, the AI also enables the goal keeper to act quicker and make wiser choices when in a tough spot. When the match ends, a detailed post match analysis allows you to monitor every single detail so that you can effectively improve upon your team’s shortcomings. 

The authentic modelling, updated graphics, feature rich gameplay and vast customizability options makes this game a massive improvement compared to its predecessor and a great addition in the Football Manager series. 

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