Published on: October 1, 2022
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Fuser is a DJ simulator rhythm game developed by Harmonix and published by NCSoft. 

The game is set during a large concert and you are assigned the role of a DJ who has to manage the music in the concert. The game features a single player campaign that features multiple sets across different venues. Your task is to create different mixes and every track you add to the mix earns you points. You can even earn additional points by completing the occasional requests put forth by the virtual audience. These requests can be for a particular song or a song from a specific genre. The game features a ranking system that rates your performance on a five star scale. In order to score higher ranking, the game lets you customize the contents of your crate in order to effortlessly switch between different tracks. 

In addition to the single player campaign mode, there is also a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode that allows you to battle with other players. Additionally, you can also team up with other players to spice up your mix. The game also features a freestyle mode that lets you share your own mixes on different social media platforms. 

The game features a virtual DJ table that houses four record players along with a list of records. Every record contains four tracks each related to a different instrument like drums, vocals or guitar. You have the ability to pick and choose between all these records and then select a track of your liking to place on any of the four record players. The game allows you to automatically adjust the rhythm and tempo of the mix by adding the instrument’s track to all four records. If you want to remove a track from the mix, you can do so by simply adding a new track to the record player. You also have the ability to add digital noise makers like synths and drum machines. Your ultimate job in the game is to keep the crowd entertained and dancing to your beats. Mixing and matching songs from different artists and even different genres is fairly simple and the game does most of the heavy lifting in order to make everything sound like it belonged together in the first place. The game includes a library of over 100 songs from famous artists and you can complete different challenges and missions to unlock additional content. 

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