God for Kids: Family Bible App

Who is God and What is God Like? Step-by-step explore God’s character with interactive puzzles, games and thought-provoking questions based around one Bible verse, one characteristic at a time.

Price: Free!

Published on: February 23, 2021


Ideal for kids and their grown-ups to explore spiritual questions about God together and safe for your child to play alone (no ads here!)

How Old is God? How Big is God? How can God be real and invisible at the same time?

In this app you’ll find 4 fun adventures based on 4 unique maps. (Ideal for 4-8 year olds)

Up to 7 children can chose their own avatar, saving their individual progress.

Follow the map, play the games, hear the Bible being read aloud and solve the puzzles to understand what each Bible verse means. Learn to ask questions and chat with your grown-up and even learn to pray and talk to God yourself.

Four Fun Adventures

Desert Map – Who is God? (Free)

God is Invisible / Good / Love / God Feels / God Thinks / God Chooses

Space Adventure – God is Big (Also Free!)

Huge Thanks to all those who previously purchased this adventure. You made it possible for others to play for free. Thank you!

God is Big / Strong / Forever / Everywhere / Knows Everything / Keeps Promises / Generous / Kind / Family / Never Changes

Garden Adventure (Free) – Who is Jesus?

Jesus is real / Jesus Shows us God / Jesus Cares / Jesus is Miraculous / Jesus was Tempted / Jesus Forgives / Jesus Saves

Underwater Adventure (Free) – Who is the Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit is Real / Loves / Live in you / Helps / Changes Us / Speaks / Invites

Last Updated on February 23, 2021