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Guide is a platform puzzle game which was released in 2018. In this game, you have to play the role of a young chick bird who fell down from his nest because of a storm. You will be located in a dark world. There is darkness everywhere in this world. It’s been raining and a strong breeze is blowing. You have to try your best to get out from there. You have to face many hurdles on your way. You have the fire abilities to fight against these hurdles.

You can set any hurdle that comes in your way on fire; it can be some kind of wood or a tree.You can blow it instantly with fire and you also have to face strange kinds of enemies in the game. You have to protect yourself from these enemies and proceed further in the game. You can collect the items and objects available in the game that may be helpful to you in the later context of the game. Guide is a single player game, only one player can play the game at a time. You can play the Guide game on the Windows PC.


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