Hazards 2: Brutal and fast-paced arcade action

The brutal and fast-paced arcade game inspired by Snake and Dodger returns with bigger, better and badder hazards.

Price: Free

Published on: October 1, 2022


In this modern and unique twist on Snake your goal is simple. Stay alive and score as many points as you possible can before the onslaught of hazards catches up to you. Dodge flying bullets, circumvent moving walls, avoid bloodthirsty ghosts and deadly saws. And if those aren’t enough to kill you, the laser beams surely are. Prepare to die, because you most definitively will.

Explore the new game modes and die in new ways or play the returning favorites from Hazards. Hit up the daily challenges and earn rubies for which you can unlock new fancy skins so you can die with style. Feeling brave? Enter the insanely brutal Slaughterhouse to prove that you have the immense skill and lightning reflexes required to survive.

Whatever you choose to play, make sure to sharpen your reflexes and prepare. Because you will die, a lot.