Heston Hogs: The Way Home

Heston Hogs: The Way Home is a new kids’ interactive story book by Valorbyte that follows the journey of Heston, an adorable hoglet who gets lost and needs to get back home to his family – with the help of you and your children.

Price: $4.99

Published on: February 17, 2021



Narrated with the voice of professional voiceover actors, and illustrated by a talented graphic artist, and enhanced with dramatic music, Heston Hogs is sure to capture your kid’s attention and wow them. It leads them into a magical fantasy world with adorably intriguing characters that spark imagination and curiosity.


While mostly a fairy tale story book, Heston Hogs is also a kids’ interactive book game in which kids need to tap, drag, find insects, guess the animals and much more! It keeps them engaged until the very end of Heston’s journey.


Created for toddlers & preschoolers aged 2-5, our interactive book game is available to play in English, Spanish, French and Finnish!


– professionally narrated audio fairy tale

– illustrated interactive story book

– a forest fantasy world with tons of exciting animal characters

– suitable for ages 2-5 and available in 4 languages

Show Heston his way home and enjoy a mesmerizing adventure with one of the most exciting narrated stories for kids.

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Last Updated on February 17, 2021