Published on: October 2, 2022
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Humankind is a 4X video game developed by Amplitude Studios. 

The game has a similar theme to the Civilization Series and assigns you the task of leading a small nation through 6 major eras of the human civilizations 

The game features ten civilization types within each major era and these are based on historic societies. The game allows you to select a civilization template through which a total of one million various civilization patterns can be generated. The game gives you the ability to collect resources throughout the game and these resources include gold, food, influence, science and industry. It also features several characters from the history and allows you to interact with them. Additionally, the game implements a feature called fame which is a unique way of recognizing a nation’s relative success to other civilizations. When you are the first civilization to discover a new technology or build a new world wonder, your fame goes up and this has positive impact in other decisions of the game. The game features only one victory condition and that is to win on the basis of your fame score after a set number of turns. 

The city building aspect of the game is inspired from Amplitude Endless Legend game and features continents with multiple territories. You can build one city in each of these territories. Once the city’s main outline is built, you can then add expansions like farms and additional urban areas closer to the city center. This leads to the creation of one large Metropolises in each territory of a continent. 

Another main aspect of the game is combat. The game adopts a tactical approach for battles and allows you to take three combat turns before returning to the overworld where battles can continue as wars over longer periods of times.

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