Hyper Flight

Published on: October 1, 2022


HyperFlight is a flight simulation racing game that was released in 2019. You will take charge of an aircraft in this game. There are many aircraft available for you but some of them are locked in the game. You can choose the aircraft of your choice to start the game. The HyperFlight game gives you the feature to customize your air vehicle. When the game starts, you have to race against the opponent vehicles and try your best to finish the race first.

The HyperFlight game is designed in a very unique environment. You will fly your aircraft in the mountains full of snow or sometimes you have to beat the opponents flying the vehicle in the solar system. In addition to this, you will be given some challenges in the game. Complete these challenges and win bonuses. The challenges may be of various kinds. For example, you have to collect some balls while flying the vehicle through different hurdles. HyperFlight is a very popular fast paced racing simulation to be featured on computer systems.