Discover different images and find out the solutions in this challenging puzzle game. In Imagzle game, the players have to solve logical riddles and puzzles with the help of images. Download the game for free and test your brain.

Price: Free

Published on: October 1, 2022


The Imagzle is a fun puzzle game being released worldwide in 2019. It is a very challenging game in which you have to solve different puzzles and logical riddles with the help of images. You need to tamp on the circles to discover the image and then find out the solution. The Imagzle game will challenge your knowledge and puzzle skills and it really helps you to improve your mind and problem solving skills. In addition to this, you will be asked some questions on science and history.  Imagzle game is available for free on the Google play store and Apple app store and you must have a mobile phone with android version 4.1.0 or more to play the game.