Ivy Wild Animals

Ivy will indicate the figures of different animals in this game and you need to color them up using crayons or brushes. Ivy Wild Animals game will enhance the coloring and creative skill of your children and provide him with the knowledge of wild animals.

Price: $0.99

Published on: October 1, 2022


Ivy Wild Animals is an educational game to be featured on mobile phones.  This game will let you know about wild animals and it will increase your knowledge of wildlife. Touch the screen to select the animal of your choice. And then you will need to color the figures nominated by Ivy.

You can use crayon and brushes for color and save the picture in your gallery after coloring. You have the choice to turn off the background music whenever you want. The Ivy Wild Animals game will enhance the creative and coloring skills of your children. You can purchase this game anytime from the Apple app store and Google play store.