Published on: October 2, 2022


Juiced is an adventure platform game that was released in 2020. You will play the role of a treasure hunter Tiko in the Juiced game. Tiko will go on an adventure to find the crystal and the ancient treasures. You have to explore the deserts, temples and jungle in order to find out the treasures. You may find many weapons during the exploration and you may collect the weapons as well, they will help you in battling against the enemies.

There is a big number of enemies in the game along with their bosses. You have to fight against them and just kill them up. You have the option to customize your hunter character Tiko. Some of the costumes are locked that can be unlocked. Collect the fruits and the coins coming on your way.

These coins will help you to buy more powerful weapons to take the enemies down. Juiced is a 2D platform game which is designed with soundtracks. The game is available to play on the computer system and mobile phones. To play the Juiced game on a mobile phone, you can purchase it anytime from Google play store and App store.