Published on: October 1, 2022


Kaleidocraft is a sandbox art creation game set in a futuristic utopian universe where exposure is valuable for an artist.

Features & Content:

  • Create art – Create symmetrical art based on predefined shapes such as kaleidoscopes and mandalas, or just let your imagination run wild
  • Hundreds of shapes and color palettes to use in any way you desire; we add new shapes and colors constantly, based on your feedback
  • Advance as an artist in a kind & utopian online society; share your art with a fictional community that welcomes and encourages all sorts of art – and find out what people’s personal preferences are
  • Decorate your living space hologram with your art – arrange your favorite creations, set your wallpaper, and much more to come
  • Participate in Valiant challenges and, later on, share your art with the real world