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Kingdoms and Castles is a city building game about growing your kingdom from a small community to a perished, Mighty kingdom. Your goal is to create a kingdom in which people are safe, well fed, healthy.

You are going to face different enemies and animosities as you are trying to grow your kingdom. You need to save your people from threats like starvation, plaque, Vikings and dragons. You will have to deploy an army to defend your castles from the Vikings who want to attack your land, rob and kill your people and burn your hard-earned town resources to the ground. You also have the threat of the dragons lighting up the food stores causing starvation, so make sure you have the resources to defend your food reserves.

Castles can be constructed using blocks which can be placed anywhere using a very well-defined castle building system. Walls and towers are then created automatically according to the placement of the blocks. You can implement your strategic skills by placing towers and other weapon emplacements. The castle building system is very flexible and allows you to create all different kinds of castle designs to protect your kingdom and to express your strength as the leader and unleash your creativity as a city and castle planner.

Make sure to efficiently use wood choppers and deploy resources for farming so your people can stay well fed. You also have to take in consideration the social and religious needs of your people and allow festivals and build taverns. This all takes place in a beautiful dynamically generated world with seasons cycling from summer to winter. There are dense forests which you can use wood cutters to manage according to your needs.

You are going to need funding for all these projects and thus have to create an efficient tax system for your people. Make sure you use all the available resources very efficiently and not to overtax the people of your kingdom.

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2 reviews for Kingdoms and Castles

  1. Barclay

    This game made me smile

  2. Kiale

    Fairly decent game

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