Knight Bewitched

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Knight Bewitched is a Japanese role-playing fantasy game which was released in the year 2018 for the game player all around the world. The main character of the game is a girl named Ruth. She is sent out on a mission to kill a witch. Ruth has to explore the land with her teammates in order to find the hidden treasurers. In this fantasy world, you have to face many enemies. These enemies will be out there along with their bosses.

You have to battle against them and take them down. You will earn rewards after killing them. You can make your team by adding the heroes to your side present in the game. There are some difficulty modes in the Knight Bewitched that are designed specially for you. You can select the mode of your choice to start the game. The characters can interact with each other. Their dialogues will appear as text on the bottom of the screen.

Knight Bewitched game is designed with unique and colorful graphics that is available for you to play on the Windows PC or mobile phone.


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