Lands of Pharaoh: Episode 1

Published on: October 2, 2022


Briefly: Lands of Pharaoh is a third person video game that takes place in Egypt BC 1300s. Heragos, a mercenary raised by Nefertiti, receives a message from her one day. In the message, Nefertiti tells him that this is a different mission than the previous ones he joined, and can be done only by him. As the protagonist, Heragos sets of and hopes to get to Cairo in order to find the secret messages left by Nefertiti. Heragos spends days and nights fighting creatures of the Egyptian desert, and overcomes the obstacles caused by the sweltering and scorching Egyptian desert.

  • Interactable ObjectsThere are various objects in the map that Heragos can interact. These objects might be chests, mystic boxes, explosive boxes, vases, or more. Some of these objects contain items and coins that Heragos can claim and carry throughout the game for further use. He can also use explosive boxes to deal great amount of damage to his enemies during combat.
  • Improve Your CharacterHeragos can improve his stats in different ways. He can increase his health, armor, speed, and his average damage by using potions, honing machines, sacred rocks, and beetles. There are three types of potions available and they affect Heragos’ core stats when used whereas sacred rocks help him fight against his enemies during missions and combats. Heragos can use the honing machine to improve his weapon in three different specs: sharpness, weight, and durability. An NPC blacksmith is required to upgrade the weapon to the next level. Players can collect beetles by slicing clot worms, digging up beetle nests, and opening beetle chests, and can use them in the stat menu to dynamically increase/decrease sub-stats of Heragos. These sub-stats give players a chance to elastically adopt a gameplay style that serves their desire. See the stat menu below for more details and a better visualization:
  • Customize Your CharacterAlong with many other features, Lands of Pharaoh: Episode 1 comes with a dynamic market system. Players can customize Heragos’ outfit in five different categories: torso, pants, boots, forearm armor, and sandals. As well as his outfit, different types of swords and shields get unlocked and can be bought as the story progresses.