Lovers & Liars

Lovers & Liars is a game which asks two people to imagine they’re head-over-heels in love. You’ve moved in together and are planning a life together. You ask each other some extremely revealing questions based on your feelings of love. The questions are geared to new relationships, but married couples will also be tickled.

Price: Free!

Published on: February 12, 2021



Ever wish you could “test drive” a relationship before getting started?


The object of the game is to get three points. You gain a point by correctly predicting if your lover will answer: “Yes”, “No”, or “Depends”. Line up a question with the answer you have been given.

Be sure to lie! It makes the game more fun and you keep your partner guessing. (It’s called “Lovers & Liars” after all.)

Reading between the lines, you’ll learn more about someone in an hour than you ordinarily would in a year.


– 230 tests of love (30 free to try)
– Play with any device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
– A game for couples (2 players)
– Play face-to-face or remotely with Game Center
– Share questions with the Messages extension

Lovers & Liars is the sister game of Scruples which sold over seven million copies. It’s played the same way except we have modified it for couples only.
While Scruples was based on moral dilemmas, Lovers & Liars is based on “tests of love.”
Where Scruples asks, “what is right?” Lovers & Liars asks, “What is loving?”
Lovers & Liars is a little more traditional. We believe most people still want old-fashioned love.
At the same time, the Scruples inventor has updated the game and added many edgy new questions.
What kind of lover are you? Start lying now!

Last Updated on February 12, 2021