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Complete Review & Description

As soon as I booted up Lucidity, I wanted to love the game. The graphics look like the most beautifully painted story book, which is fitting as the game takes place in the mind of an adventurous little girl. Effort in the audio department doesn’t fall short either with charming, catchy music wonderfully complimenting the games atmosphere. Lucidity is indeed a work of art.

So how does the game play? References to Lemmings are inevitable. The main character (pretty much the only character) in the game isn’t directly controllable, instead the girl skips through the level, apparently with her eyes closed; or maybe her iPod up too loud? Either way she is completely oblivious. So it is of course up to you to place objects throughout the level to make sure she doesn’t end up down the wrong end of a chasm or in some monsters belly.

Interestingly, you can’t actually choose which piece to place next, they are generated at random and you pretty much make do with what the game gives you, or if you are like me, keep placing random objects out of the way until you get what you want. Objects consist of useful gadgets such as fans, catapults and stairs. As the game progresses you will find that some of these objects are more versatile than is first apparent.

Because you don’t control the pace of the game or have control of the pieces the game chooses for you, I found Lucidity quite unsatisfying, a bit hands off, if you will. Sure the random pieces can test your reactions and keep you on your toes. I would have also liked to have been able to move the camera around the levels to see where I wanted to go and then figure out how to get there. Maybe I have played too much Lemmings and want the game to be something it’s not? My only motivation to pass each level, in all honesty, was to see what visual and audio delights were around the corner.

I most enjoyed playing this game when I was very tired and didn’t want to play anything too thought provoking. I guess if you just want to chill out for a few minutes then this could well be worthwhile having on your hard drive. Lucidity would also be a fantastic game for younger gamers. Because of this, Lucidity is a tricky game to score. The number at the top of this review is my opinion of the game (and I normally like abstract games), but if young children are going to be playing, feel free to add an extra couple of points.



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