Math Games – math exercises and puzzles

Math Games – simple math games to train brain, develop mental skills, improve memory, focus, and mental speed.

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Published on: October 1, 2022


Math Games help children and adults learn math skills.
All math games are free to enjoy, and they are suitable for all ages, from kids to adults.
Math games are ideal for beginners and who like to solve interesting puzzles and problems.
In Math Games your target is to reach the highest possible score within the time limit.
App feature:
– Correct or wrong. Find correct answer for math problem.
This is like true or false in math.
– Choose correct answer.
– Enter answer.
– Choose correct equation.
– Choose correct operator for math equation
– Target number. Use addition or multiplication to get target number with presented numbers.
– Tetris numbers. Drop game with numbers. Game target is to reach the highest possible score.
– 2048 game. Popular swipe game.
– 15 game. Popular numbers game. Move blocks to put numbers in their turn.
– Threes game. This game is like 2048 game, but with 3 numbers.
– Sudoku. Simple Sudoku game with numbers.
– Crossword. Simple crossword game, but with numbers.
– Numbers battle. Numbers game, where your opponent is a bot.
Game have difficulty level: easy, medium or hard.
Choose level, reach the highest possible scores and improve your rank: beginner, medium, expert or genius.

Game use Google Play Games.
Compete with other users and improve your score and achievements.
Your highest scores and achievements automatically saves in Play Games, where you can follow the progress of the game, the leader board and achievements.

Math Games not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain easily.
Develop your intellectual facilities by solving various mathematical tasks as quickly as possible. Limited amount of time for answering only stimulates your brain to work faster, better and more efficiently.

Keep your brain fit through different math exercises.