Number Puzzle: Wood Block Riddle

Simple and interesting intellectual challenges make you not bored in your free time, and at the same time exercise your memory and practical skills. Exercise your strongest brain!

Price: Free

Published on: August 30, 2021


[Number Puzzle] is a wooden-style puzzle game including multiple classic number puzzle games. It’s easy to play and really fun! Try it now and you will love it!

Features of [Number Puzzle]
■ Simple game rules, good control.
■ 6 different levels in number riddle challenge (3×3,4×4,5×5,6×6,7×7,8×8 Levels).
■ Each level has 2 difficulty mode in number riddle challenge (Easy mode and Hard mode).
■ Time counter: each challenge has a time counter to record your playtime, easy to know your abilities.
■ Offline game: can play this puzzle game to relax and train your brain at anytime anywhere.
■ Smooth animation and beautiful sound effects.
■ Vibration: the game can start the mobile phone vibration to make the game experience more interesting.
■ Difficulty ladder: suitable for all people to exercise the brain.
■ Save games: save unfinished games at any time without worrying about data loss.
■ Leaderboards: Compare scores with global players.
■ Achievement: Train your brain to achieve all achievements.
■ Level reset: you can reset the challenge level and share with your friends to complete the same challenge.

Easy mode & Hard mode
■ Easy mode: you can see the steps of the wooden number square being shuffled from the correct position, not only exercised intelligence but also exercised memory.
■ Hard mode: you can not see the steps of the wooden number square being shuffled from the correct position.
■ Both modes start from simple steps to be disrupted, to more and more steps being disrupted. Challenge how many levels you can complete.

How to play [Number Puzzle]
■ Click the wooden block to move the wooden block in the grid, ensuring that each wooden block returns to its original position.
■ Swipe up, down, left, and right on the screen to move the blocks to the same direction. The same number blocks can be merged into a new number block. Make sure to complete more mergers.
■ Tap the screen to launch a number wooden block at that location, and the same wooden block can be merged. Make sure to launch more blocks to complete the merger and get the highest scores.
■ Click the wooden block combination and drag it to the square to place the wooden block. Blocks can be eliminated by filling rows or columns or filling specific squares. Make sure to drag the more blocks to get the highest scores.

More wood block riddle games
■ Wooden Number Riddle: Click the wooden block to move the wooden block. Make sure that the wooden blocks are arranged in the order of 1-8 from left to right and top to bottom.
■ Wooden Block 2048: Classic style combination of wooden blocks, makes the game more interesting.
■ Wooden block shooting and merging: Tap any position on the screen to launch a wooden number block, and hit the same number wooden block to complete the wooden block merging.
■ Wooden block puzzle: Click and drag the wooden block to the 99 grid, and the block can be eliminated when the entire row or column or a specific 9-square grid is filled.
■ Wooden block minesweeper master: The classic game minesweeper matches the wooden block style, which is more interesting.