Published on: October 1, 2022
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Outriders is a science fiction role playing game developed by People Can Fly. The game is played using third person perspective. 

The game is set on the fictional alien planet known as Enoch. Human beings wanted to inhabit the alien planet, but their efforts were put to rest by a giant energy storm known as “The Anomaly”. This massive source of energy grants every creature it comes across unique superpowers. Now what happens when you give aliens superpowers is anybody’s guess. 

The game starts by letting you create your character using one of the four character classes. These four classes include the Devastator capable of unleashing seismic attacks, the Trickster capable of manipulating time, fire manipulators known as the Pyromancer and the Technomancer. The game lets you upgrade your skills using the game’s skill tree and combine different skills to augment their effect. 

The game intelligently mixes elements of third person shooter with RPG elements and the resulting amalgam lets you explore the hidden hub area, talk to non playable characters and complete side missions. The weapons featured in the game range from shotguns to assault rifles and you can use additional mods to customize your weapons. The game implements a unique feature where killing your enemies is required for your character to heal. The game features different difficulty levels called world levels in the game and high world levels while being more difficult, are much more rewarding in terms of loot drooped from the enemies. 

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