Published on: October 1, 2022


We’ve all been hurt.

And we’ve all recovered. Well, mostly.

Beat your inner demons without attacking them, in this extremely difficult platformer about how grief changes one’s perception of the world.

Overcome is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer.

It has fluid platforming mechanics that allow you to evade, block and fight various enemies. Enjoy fast paced and timing sensitive jumping to navigate the landscape of grief.

Use a shield that lets you block, deflect, and glide over enemies, obstacles and challenges as your inner demons attack you in several different ways.

You will die. A lot.

Enjoy (or rage at) four extremely challenging levels that will have you dying multiple times before you can overcome them. But you will. Maybe.

Beat foes drawn in a simple, yet expressive pixel art style, and leave them behind, alive or dead.

Treat your ears to an emotional melody.

Enjoy a beautiful soundtrack, composed with an extremely personal and heartfelt message in mind, a message that is expressed throughout the game, with metaphors.

You got this.

No matter how bad it may seem. You can do it.