Pandemic Violence

Published on: October 2, 2022


Pandemic Violence is a pandemic based action game which was released in 2020 for the game players all around the world. The game is presented in a world which is under track by a viral pandemic. The game consists of different levels. There is a total number of ten levels in the game. The people living in this world become violent as they start to kill each other. You have to face these people along with the pandemic and can even kill anyone of them to get yourself a tissue roll. And pick up the weapon of a character once you kill him. These weapons may include rifles, machine guns and launchers. Collect the gold after killing the violent characters in the game, You will play with a new character in each of the levels and will be given some objectives in every level. The objectives may include to collect some specified items or to infect particular ones with the virus. The Pandemic Violence game is available to play on the Windows PC.