PC Building Simulator


Published on: October 1, 2022
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PC Building Simulator is a simulation-strategy video game developed by Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation.

As the name implies, the game is based around running a workshop that primarily builds, maintains and repairs Personal Computers.

You can play the game using one of the three built-in game modes including a Career mode, How to Build a PC mode and a Free Build Mode. The career mode lets you run your very own computer business. You are given tasks ranging from tweaking BIOS setting and Virus removal to building badass gaming rigs that bring even the most hardcore enthusiast to their knees. Completing these tasks earns you in-game money which you can then  use to improve your workshop. The game also rewards you experience points as you complete different tasks and after a certain number of points, your level increases which unlocks more features and options. The game starts with a barebones computer that is capable of doing just the basic tasks. However as you level up, you can customize it to fit your workshop requirements. The game feature a fictional marketplace where you can sell and buy hardware. This marketplace features a comprehensive delivery system and gives you the ability to prioritize shipping services based on cost and efficiency. The next day delivery costs $100 while standard shipping costs 30 bucks. The cheapest option costs only 10 bucks but has a 3-5 day shipping time.

How to build a PC mode offers detailed tutorials and teaches you which part goes where and how to correctly line up everything. In free build mode, all the tools and PC parts are  unlocked right from the beginning and you also have access to unlimited cash. This mode really allows you to fulfill your deepest PC building fantasies without holding you back in any way.

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