Predice is an endless runner game with great items and lots of skins for your cube!

Price: Free!

Published on: February 15, 2021


But there’s a catch: Avoid the holes!

► Control the cube by swiping left or right

► Collect coins to use in the shop

► Buy great new skins for your cube

► Reach new levels to unlock cubes

► Upgrade your items

— Items —

► Coin: Collect huge amounts of them and go shopping afterwards!

► Magnet: Attract coins that are near you! Buy an upgrade in the shop to increase its range and duration!

► Watering Can: Grow to an enormous size, stop falling in holes and collect more items!

► Rocket: Skip a huge part of the map and get lots of points! Buy an upgrade in the shop to get coins and even more points!

► Nitro: Increase your speed for a short amount of time and get points! Buy an upgrade in the shop to increase speed, duration and score!

— Floortiles —

► Blue – Trampoline Floortile: Lets the cube jump!

► Red – Breaking Floortile: If this Floortile has cracks on it, it will break on contact.

If you like the app, it’d be awesome if you could show it to a friend! 🙂

Last Updated on February 15, 2021