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Complete Review & Description

Are you into voyeurism and telling people what to do? If yes, then oh boy, do I have a game for you! Republique Remastered is a PC port/upgrade for the mobile device game Republique; a stealth game with a unique perspective that made me, as the player, feel like I was actually part of the game and its world more than most other games do.

The way this is done is by making you see the game’s world through cameras, literally watching it on your screen. You are a nameless figure who uses the Big Brother surveillance equipment that is placed all over this dystopian society, in order to help a young woman named Hope escape. While this is a neat, I hesitate to say gimmick, on the PC, I can absolutely see how this would have been a perfect fit on iPad or similar devices. It just makes sense. Even on the PC, you feel like you’re looking into this world and can have an effect on it in a way that makes sense for your position.

The only reality breaking thing here is Hope will only do what you tell her to, by click where you want her to go. For a game that works so hard to maintain the reality of it’s setting and the player’s role it it, it is never explained how Hope is able to receive your commands.

But anyway, magically through the camera lense, you guide Hope through the facility. It’s an interesting take on the stealth genre. At anytime you can enter OMNI-View which pauses the world, allowing you to jump from camera to camera so you can scout ahead or get a better angle. In this mode you can also interact with some parts of the environment. The purpose of this can be to gain intel (learning more about the world and expanding on the story), hack certain devices or doors, and use special abilities you can earn to distract guards or do other things.

Mechnically, the game is relatively simple, but effective. However, the abilities you gain throughout the game honestly don’t do enough to expand to gameplay in any interesting ways. For the most part you are watching guards’ patrol patterns and ordering Hope around from one hiding place to the next to get past them and to your next objective. The gameplay is also occasionally broken up by a few puzzles. These are all relatively basic, but there is a cool part where you use manipulative journalism to solve a problem in the third episode.

Wait, did I just say episode? Why, yes I did. The current game is broken up into three episodes, as that is where the developers are up to, with Episodes 4-5 still on the way. Each episode improves over the last, with both story and gameplay. Where the first episode was mostly linear corridors, the later episodes have more open environments that are more interesting to sneak your way through.
You feel like you’re looking into this world and can have an effect on it in a way that makes sense for your position.

The story is intriguing, but by the end of Episode 3, still feels like it’s failing to reach its full potential. The world the game takes place in is very interesting and well-realized, but the various characters we are introduced to are either still being fleshed out or remain a complete mystery. I’m past the halfway mark for the series and I still don’t care much about any of these characters. I don’t dislike them and I want to learn more about them, but I’m also starting to lose my patience with the game’s slow pace.

I can see the benefit of why Republique was originally released episodically, because playing through all three episodes together began to feel like a drag. I feel burnt out and the gameplay started feeling stale long before I finished. A break between episodes could have potentially helped that issue.

The game does look very nice though, with an excellent art style in some areas. The facility you are in seems to have two types of areas. There are the places where civilian type people go that look gorgeous with bold colours & classy looking environments (like a Library, for example), and then there are the behind-the-scenes part of the facility. These areas are the drab, grey, and dull parts of every Bond villain’s facility.

The most unfortunate things about Republique Remastered are the technical issues. I’ve had it crash on me once, had sound glitch out for a period, and seen terrible framerates. It doesn’t look like the most taxing game, and yet my pretty beefy PC kept struggling to get it to run smoothly, even on low-medium settings. The game just does not seem to be very well optimized. Also, while the voice acting is excellent, the sound feels off. Every time a character says something, stops and then says more, I can hear that their voice was recorded in a nice soundproof studio, as all environment sounds of the character’s location are cut off. It’s very jarring and took me out of the experience every time it happened.

With two more episodes still to come, it’s difficult reviewing a game that technically isn’t finished. It’s got an interesting world and the cliffhangers each episode ends in do a good job of making you want to find out what’s going to happen next. The way you play the game is fairly original for the stealth genre, but the scenarios and actual systems in play, while forgiving, are fairly by-the-numbers and there aren’t enough options to creatively get through the various environments or situations. Not to mention the game also has a fairly significant amount of backtracking through the same areas. Most objectives involve “sneak to this place, and now sneak back”.

I guess if I have to be honest about it, I am looking forward to getting more answers about what is happening in the world of Republique and what will happen to Hope in the next two episodes. I just wish I didn’t have to tell Hope what to do the whole time in order to do that.


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