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Satisfactory is a 3D exploration and factory building simulation game created by Coffee Stain Studios. The game is set in an open world and is played using first person perspective.

The game assigns you the role of an engineer who has been sent on another planet on a landing pod with orders to build a factory complex there. Your end goal in the game is to build enough parts to construct a space elevator. Unlike most sandbox games, the game world in Satisfactory is pre-generated with all players starting the game on an identical map. You can choose between one of the four starting locations including the Rocky desert, The Grasslands, the Dune Desert and the Northeast Forest. These locations offer different resources and the available flat land to build your factories. Most of the construction during the initial part of the game is done via hands but as you progress through the game, you unlock new equipment which can then be used to automate some of your tasks. This equipment includes conveyer belts to automate transport and nuclear power plants to automate manufacturing.

The game also features a dash of combat in addition to construction and exploration. The foreign planet is inhabited by a variety of hazardous flora and fauna and you have to watch your back as you try to inhabit their planet. You can construct weapons and defensive gear to aid you in battles.

The player starts the game by constructing a Hub using the crashed Landing Pod’s parts. This hub is the main location from which other buildings will extend from. You then move on to collecting local resources like plant materials and ores to make new tools and equipment. Once you have gathered and supplied all the necessary components, the hub expands to the next tier unlocking many new construction options and equipment.

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  1. Winchester

    Neat idea, but I feel that this game could have been better.

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