Shenmue III


Published on: October 1, 2022
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Shenmue III is an open-world, action-adventure video game developed by Ys Net. The game is part of the Shenmue series and is the successor to Shenmue II. 

The main storyline is based in Guilin, China around the 1980s and features a teenage martial artist named Ryo Hazuki as the main protagonist of the game. 

Ryo along with a friend travels from Japan to China in the hopes of finding his father’s murderer, Lan Di. Ryo later learns that Ryo’s father visited the Bailu village with Lan Di in order to train under the local grandmaster but died shortly after under mysterious circumstances. When they get to the village, they find out that some goons have been harassing the local stonesmasons about a Pheonix Mirror which was created along with the Dragon Mirror a long time ago at the request of the Chinese Emperor.   

After getting defeated in a fight with the goons’ boss, Ryo asks a local martial artist to teach him a Bajiquan move which he then uses to defeat the boss. He then goes to Niaowu in search of the treasure connected to the Phoenix mirror. There, he encounters a local gang called the Red Snakes. After losing a fight with the gang’s boss, Ryo learns a new Bajiquan move and follows the Red Snakes to a castle. There he finds Lan Di and confronts him. 

Most of the gameplay is based on exploring China where your job is to look for clues, talk to NPCs and examine different objects for information on Lan Di. The combat featured in the game is based on a 3D fighting system reminiscent of the Virtua Fighter series. The game introduces a new stamina system in which Ryo’s hitponts gradually decrease as he navigates the game world. Ryo loses the ability to sprint if these hitpoints go below a certain point and he then has to restore them through activities like eating and sleeping. All the action sequences featured in the game are really fast paced and it is a good idea to master game controls as pressing the right buttons at the right time is essential to succeed. Ryo has access to a lot of Martial Arts moves and the power of these moves increases by practicing repeatedly.  

In addition to the main game. there are several minigames including fishing, gambling, woodchopping and forklift driving which can be completed to earn the in-game currency. 

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