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Shikari Rising is an action adventure platform game being released in 2020. You have to play the role of a Shikari person Novak in this game. As the game starts your character Novak will be located in a fantasy world. You can explore this fantasy world to find out the game items and gold. Nivak has got great fighting and moving skills. He can move rapidly with the blink of an eye. And he is equipped with a weapon like a sword. You can kill all the enemies coming your way with the help of a sword.

Points will be rewarded on multiple hits by sword. The game has a huge number of enemies along with enemy bosses. You have to battle against the enemy boss at the end of every level. Once you kill the boss, you will be headed on to the next level. Every enemy in the game comes with a health bar bar at the top.

As you make progress in the game, your character will gain experience and his attacking and fighting skills will be improved.. Shikari Rising is a very interesting adventure platform game that can be played on the Windows PC.

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