Sloth Quest

Published on: October 1, 2022


Sloth Quest is an action simulation challenging game being released in 2014 for the game players all over the globe. You will play as a sloth animal in this game. You have the option to completely customize your character. Sloth Quest is based on 30 different levels. You have to explore the area and complete the given quests or puzzles. Your sloth character has got great moving abilities to roam around the area freely. You can jump from one branch of a tree to another and proceed this way.

If the water comes on your way in the form of ocean or sea, you can also swim through it. You will face many challenges and hurdles in the completion of quests. But you must have to continue your journey by overcoming the hurdles. You will get new weapons as you make some progress in the game. With the help of these weapons, you will be able to kill the enemies and their bosses. Sloth Quest is a very interesting and challenging game that is available for you to play on computer systems and mobile phones.