SO Animals – HD Interactive Animal Flash Cards & Sounds

Learn through play, with ‘SO Animals’… The beautiful ‘ad-free’ animal flashcard App with HD pictures and authentic sounds. A fun and simple to use animal-kingdom based learning aid for young children.

Price: Free

Published on: February 18, 2021


Featuring a clean and easy-to-use navigation, brightly coloured design, high quality images and authentic animal sounds to engage children in learning about the amazing world of animals.

An early educational aid based on a wide collection of animals, the sounds they make and the environment they live in. ‘SO Animals’ is available to try for free, featuring a range of 12 popular domestic animals, each consisting of five separate images and matching sounds. With the in App purchase you can unlock a further 5 animal categories, then offering a total of 360 HD images and appropriate matching sounds across 6 categories.

The colourful high quality images and authentic matching sound effects will help children develop an early understanding of animal species, their sounds and their environments. Children will enjoy learning about the incredible animal world by interacting with this fun and easy to use App.

• Download And Try The App For Free.

• Available For Most iPad Versions.

• Features 1 Free Animal Category.

• 5 Extra Categories Available (in App purchase).

• 12 Popular Species Per Animal Category.

• 5 Separate HD images For Each Animal Type.

• 5 Matching Sounds For Each Animal Type.

• Clear & Simple To Use Navigation.

• Bright Colours & Engaging Sounds

• Now Available in 8 Languages

Last Updated on February 18, 2021