Spaß Taxi


Spaß Taxi is a retro arcade game being released in 2019. You have to take the passengers from one point to the other in your space taxi. The Spaß Taxi game consists of 40 levels. You have to teleport the passenger in each of the levels. But you have to face many hurdles and difficulties during this process. You have to avoid these hurdles and keep travelling on your space taxi. You must reach your destination in any condition. Choose the shortest way to reach your destination.

In this way, you will reach there in the minimum possible time. You can also rotate or tilt your taxi to avoid the hurdles while travelling. But do not let your space taxi collide with anything, otherwise it will be damaged. If your taxi is being damaged due to any reason, you can take it to the repair station for repair. You have to use the game money in order to repair the space taxi. Spaß Taxi is a very popular retro arcade game to be featured on the Windows PC.