STAR WARS™: Squadrons


Published on: October 2, 2022
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Star Wars: Squadrons is a space combat video game developed by Motive Studios. The game is set in the Star Wars universe and is set after Return of the Jedi. The game is played using first person perspective. 

Captain Javes is tasked to lead the Helix Squadron whose job is to eliminate a convoy of refugees. When the team finds the convoy, instead of eliminating them, Javes disables the ship to protect them. Meanwhile, the convoy sends a distress signal down to the Rebel Alliance who dispatches the Echo Squadron to assist the convoy. Jave also defects to the Alliance and offers his knowledge of imperial fleet in order to prove his loyalty. Four years later, Javes is given the command of the New Republic Cruiser Temperance along with the Vanguard Squadron. This squadron’s job is to make sure the secret project “Starhawk” comes to fruition. On the other hand, Javes former wingman Terisa assigns her own elite squadron known as the Titan Squadron whose job is to destroy Project Starhawk. The rest of the story revolves around the continuous back and forth between the Titan and the Vanguard squadrons and their attempts to one up each other. 

The game features a single player mode which is set after the Battle of Endor and two multiplayer modes. Additionally, the game also features two online modes called Dogfight and Fleet battle. The former is a team deathmatch mode with support for up to 10 players while the latter allows two teams of five players each to compete against each other,  

The game features four starfighter classes for both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. For the Galactic Empire, these classes include TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Reaper and TIE Interceptor and for the New Republic, these classes include X-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing and the A-Wing. The players can take control of the starfighters from any of these classes and can utilize the ships weaponry, shields and engines. As you advance through the game, you unlock additional weapons, shields and several cosmetic items that let you customize the game experience. Additionally, the game features Daily Challenges along with Operational Challenges which you can complete to earn “Glory”. This glory can then be spent on additional upgrades. 

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