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Starbound is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Chucklefish. The game can be played in Single player, Multiplayer Co-Op, Multiplayer PvP and cross platform multiplayer modes.

The game begins with the player fleeing earth in a spaceship after the planet was attacked by outside forces. The spaceship wanders among the sea of stars aimlessly before breaking down over a habitable planet. Most of the elements in the game are two dimensional and are procedurally generated. These elements include multiple weapons, armor, items and resources that you can use to fix your spaceship and return back to your home planet. Additionally, the game features several other life forms which you can interact with to progress through the gameplay. You can charge them rent and sell them crops to get benefits in return.

The game gives you the ability to mold the story according to your liking. You can either divert your efforts to saving the galaxy from the forces that destroyed earth or you can choose to travel to unchartered planets in search of a new home. The space shuttle serves as a hub for your adventure and features a cockpit for piloting, a fuel panel for refueling, a ship locker and a teleport pad that you can use to teleport down to the planets you are visiting. The game also features ancient temples and mysterious dungeons that you can explore to unravel enticing hidden treasures.

There are seven playable races in the game and the game has been rebuilt entirely to support multiplayer. The game feature three game mode including Casual, Survival and Hardcore modes. Elements like trees with eyes and mischievous penguins brighten up the gameplay and keep the game fun and exciting. Additionally, the game innately supports modding allowing the community to develop exciting new feature rich mods adding to the replayability of the game.

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    Starbound is an epic game to play

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