Published on: October 1, 2022
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Stellaris is a strategic game being released in 2016 for the game players all around the world. In this game you have to explore space, galaxies and stars present in the space. You have to set your own empire on a galaxy. At the start of the game, you have the option to select the empire or you can make your own empire. Stellaris provides you an option to fully customize your empire.

You have to add some other characters in your team to build the empire. They will play their specific roles in the empire and will help you if needed. You must make space ships stations on the galaxy. Explore the stars and the galaxies to find the hidden treasures and other items. You may have to face some other species in the galaxy and they might try to fight with you or kill you. You have to battle against them.

You can make relations with some of the species and make an alliance with them. This will strengthen your empire and you can also start trade with them. Stellaris game is available for you to play on PC, XBox and Playstation.

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