String Weaving – Line Puzzle

String Weaving is a puzzle game easy to start with, but hard to master. In this game player can weave one or more strings into various shapes. If the weaved shape matches the goal shape, player wins this level. The game tests player’s logical thinking, spatial thinking, and problem solving. Thus it’s a perfect and relaxing way for brain training and casual playing.

Price: Free

Published on: May 19, 2021


There are a lot of challenging levels in the game. Can you solve all levels? Some of them can be quite challenging! Relax and have fun, you can take time to feel the pleasure of solving puzzles, train your brain at the same time.


– Classic string weaving puzzle mode.
– Two colors of string puzzle mode.
– Well designed, difficulty increasing puzzle levels.
– Earn coins when you play, use coins to get hint if you are stuck.
– Undo your last weaving operation anytime if you feel like there can be a better way to weave.
– Minimalism, beautiful graphics.
– Play online or offline. Wifi is not required.
– Smooth gameplay, small memory usage.
– No intrusive permission requirements and very few space needed.
– Compatible with most devices including tablets and old phones.
– It’s free!

Last Updated on May 19, 2021