Super Kittens



Super Kittens is an action adventure game that was released in 2019. In this game, you have to play the role of a super kitten. You have the option to completely customize your kitten. You can start a computer system with the help of your kitten. And then you can launch a spaceship to go into space. After reaching there, you have to explore the space. You can move from one planet to the other in order to explore. The fuel limit of your spaceship will be visible on your game screen. You can move freely before the limit ends.

You may have to face some enemies out there in space. They will try to attack and kill you. But you have got a cuteness bomb and many more abilities to protect yourself and to fight against them. If your health is decreased due to the attack of enemies, you can also restore it with the help of healing powers. Your kitten also has healing powers. You can go back to your world anytime in the spaceship. Super Kittens game, is available to play on computer systems.


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