The Botanist



The Botanist is an action adventure game being released in 2020 worldwide. You will play the role of a mushroom boy named Bob. The Botanist game revolves around Bob. There are many different levels in the game. In addition to this The Botanist provides you two game modes to play with. You can select any one mode of them to start the game. Bob saw a dream while sleeping that his basket was being stolen by the roots of the Green Queen.

Now he has to take his basket back. You have to explore the forest but you may face many enemies and hurdles during this. You have to avoid them and continue exploring the forest in order to find your stolen basket. Bob has got the jumping abilities, you can use these abilities to freely roam around the area. You have to find the baskets before Bob wakes up. The Botanist is a fun adventure game that is available to play on the Windows computer systems.

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