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Published on: March 20, 2021
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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action role playing game that was released in 2016. In this game, you will be located in a world which is being destroyed because of the virus. You have to explore this world, discover this virus and find out what is the source of the virus. Tom Clancy’s The Division game is based upon a different campaign in which you don’t just have to explore the land but also fight against the deadly enemies out there.

You will be equipped with weapons to take down the enemies and you may find some more weapons in the city. You can hide yourself behind anything in order to get protected from the attacks of enemies. You can even attack them while hiding with your weapons. There will be a home base in which your medical team is testing the virus and finding its source. You can ask them for the report. You can play Tom Clancy’s The Division in a single player mode and in multiplayer mode as well by adding three more players into your side.

You will be awarded with experience points and game currency as you proceed in the game. With the help of game currency, you can get player gears for yourself. Tom Clancy’s The Division provides you the option to play the player versus player mode. In this mode, you can battle with the players sitting in different areas of the world. Tom Clancy’s The Division is available to play on the Windows PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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Complete Review & Description

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third-person cover-based RPG shooter. The story takes place a short time after a biological attack released an unknown virus in New York, leading to the city being quarantined and millions of people dead. You play as a recently-activated sleeper agent for The Division, some government agency that has soldiers living normal lives until they are needed to bring society back from the brink.
To do this you need to kill a lot of people, apparently. Rioters, prison escapees, paramilitary groups, and pyromaniacs; the game hints a little at the question of whether your group really are the good guys, since some of the groups you kill are also trying to save the city, but in their own way.

To be honest, the story isn’t very good, and the way it’s delivered – mostly through voiceovers on your radio and the odd cutscene – is a mixed bag. Besides the main narrative not being great, there are also problems with the overall premise. There are a lot of times where your actions just don’t match up with what’s happening in the world, so it’s up to the player to try not peak behind the curtain and ruin the illusion for themselves.
The main RPG mechanics are through your Base of Operations (BOO), and have a lot more depth than most might realise. Upgrading your character and getting access to new abilities is done through a combination of levelling your character up and upgrading your BOO’s various wings: medical, tech & security.
After that, it’s all about loot and stats. As you kill enemies, complete missions, and open crates around the world, you can find random weapons and gear. As an RPG, these all have different stats and talents (side abilities, like life steal or bonus damage when on low health). The main purpose of the game is to find new / better loot that supports that type of builds you want to play.

I really like the flexibility Ubisoft has allowed here, as you can switch out your abilities at any point, allowing for a lot of tactical variety and experimentation. This is especially true when playing with others and coming up with good team combinations or specific roles for each member to play. This is important later in the game, as the difficulty scales way up and a more strategic approach is required if you want to succeed, especially when you still haven’t gotten any of the really good late-game gear.
This brings me to one of the biggest issues I’ve found with The Division: balance. Most of the enemies are simply bullet sponges, and this is even worse for the boss fights, who tend to be the spongiest of them all. Not only can this lead to some fights simply not being very engaging or fun, it also means that as soon as any enemies are a level or two over yours, you simply cannot fight them.
This problem is added to if you want to play with friends who are not the same level as you, because the game always balances enemies for the highest level player in your team. So when I was level 10 and I wanted to play with my level 15 friends, I was basically a spectator in the match. This sucks for a game that is designed to be played with friends. It means that, realistically, I had to put off playing with my friends until we all got to the level cap of 30. And to get to 30? Well it is an open-world RPG, so expect the grind.

So what are you grinding through, exactly? Well, there are main missions, which function like dungeons in a traditional RPG; side-missions, which are basic objective-based things; and encounters, which are smaller in scale to side-missions but give you the supplies you need to upgrade your BOO. The main story missions are where the good game is at. Side-missions and encounters become very repetitive, which is unfortunate because from around level 15, you’ll start needing to do a lot of side stuff before you level up enough to do the next story mission.
If you’re running solo and grinding through side-stuff, I’d recommend listening to a podcast or something while you do it. However, finding other players to roll definitely alleviates the hassle of the grind. It doesn’t make any of it more fun, but at least you have people you can chat with about other things while going through the motions.

To help find other people, the Division has a really awesome matchmaking system where you can easily and fairly quickly find other players for every activity the game offers. The only downside to this system is that it will often put you with players at a slightly different level to you, which as I mentioned above completely unbalances the encounters for one of you.
The shooting side of things is pretty good, but nothing too special. As an open-world third-person cover based shooter, The Division is perfectly fine. The controls and mechanics aren’t quite as tight as I might like, but there aren’t any noticeable issues with it either. And the way you can move from cover to cover is actually fanta

Last Updated on March 20, 2021


Last Updated on March 20, 2021