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Complete Review & Description

Towerfall was originally released as an Ouya exclusive and was touted to be the reason to purchase the console. However, with the speed at which that particular console failed, it seems a no brainer to see Towerfall arrive on different platforms, and with a fancy new subtitle alongside it. Can the Ouya’s “”killer app”” find a place on the Playstation market?
From the get-go it’s all too obvious the game was designed with multiplayer in mind. You have one game mode that asks two to four players to be present to play, and the other requiring one to four players. As a gaming journalist, quite often all you have is yourself when it comes to putting time into a review, so it was a quick jump into the Quest mode (the later mode), by myself to see what all the fuss was about.

What I was met with was a retro looking game that would be at home in any 90s arcade parlour. Simple controls, and a simple premise: kill each wave of bad guys before progressing to the next area. Each level is displayed as a cross section of what looks to be a temple, but the kind of temple where if you fall out the bottom, you drop in from the top and vice versa. Bad guys manifest themselves in various spawn points about the level and the further you progress, the harder the stage becomes.
The arrow firing mechanic is incredibly easy to get into, and the controls are ultra responsive, allowing you to turn on a dime, wall climb away from danger, and then dodge an incoming attack. That’s all there is to the controls, and while this makes the game easy to jump into, it also allows for a lot of strategy to be grown and used against your opponents.

If you’re just grabbing a single controller and leaping in for a decent single player experience, you’re likely to be turned away from the game at this point. The game is good, but it’s not “play at home by yourself” good. You’ll use it to hone your skills for when you have friends over, and the Trials mode is perfect for that – but it’s best to just keep the game tucked aside for a fun night of gaming with others.
That’s where the game truly shines, and I almost missed it completely. We only get a certain amount of time to review games, it’s the nature of the job. I wasn’t able to organise a few people over to check it out, and the game, oddly, doesn’t support online multiplayer (likely due to the speed of the game). I was ready to jump into the review with only the single player experience tucked in my belt, and I was ready to warn people away from this game. It’s not that the single player is bad, it just isn’t worth your time. But then it happened, an opportunity arose and a plea went out to the content editor to ensure a few extra days could be gathered from the fields of time. Sure enough the plea was heard, and 3 days later I have now had my fill of multiplayer, in all of its many modes, and it’s good. It’s very good.
Some time was spent in Quest mode, fighting the enemy hordes with friend in tow. With only one controller between us I wasn’t sure how we were going to make this happen, but Remote Play with the Vita was made with this game in mind, I’m sure of it. With the need of only one shoulder button, one analog stick, and a few face buttons the game controlled just as well this way as it does with a PS4 controller, and while this mode was fun, it was only the tip of the fun iceberg sailing these waters.

The main dose of enjoyment hit when it was every man for himself with a distinct lack of enemies. 1 vs 1 vs 1 in a deathmatch for the ages. First to 8 kills takes the crown. There’s a countdown, and then it’s all on. Jump, fire, die. Dodge and steal your opponent’s arrow only to pin him securely to the wall with it. Shoot an arrow through flames, send it across the map and plant it into his skull as he jumps aimlessly into it. The Versus mode gives you a multitude of options with the ability to not just change the specific play type but to have full control over all of the game rules.
Towerfall: Ascension is a multiplayer game through and through, and while it sports the ability to go at it solo, it’s best to only boot this game up when you have gamer friends around. Every minute inside the multiplayer walls of Towerfall had everyone in the room smiling, cheering, jeering, and laughing. It was a great time that just couldn’t be captured in the same way online. There aren’t a lot of same couch multiplayer games these days because there just isn’t as much same couch multiplayer happening. It can make reviewing these types of games hard, but it also brings back a yearning for some more social gaming nights.

If you already have a regular get together, and you own a PS4 and a handful of controllers then you should definitely consider grabbing this to add to your group’s schedul


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    Best game ever made

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