Tropico 6


Published on: October 1, 2022
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Tropico 6 is a construction, management and political simulation game in the Tropico series, developed by Limbic Entertainment. Just like the previous games in the series, the main protagonist in Tropico 6 is the leader of the Caribbean island nation of Tropico, El Presidente.

The nation of Tropico is stuck in chaos, social unrest and political warfare. Under these dire circumstances, the people of Tropico need a leader who can change the fate of this sinking ship. Enter El Presidente, a visionary leader to some, a feared dictator to others. He is (or she is) whoever you want him to be. The game gives you the control of the wounded soul that is the island state of Tropico and your job is to lead it to glory. And whether you want to rule their hearts or dictate their lives is entirely up to you.

The game features four eras just like the last installment; The Colonial Era, The Cold War Era, The Modern Era, and The World Wars Era and offers a lot of new customizations in this edition like the ability to develop your character of El presidente as a male or a female. Unlike previous games, Tropico 6 allows you to build on a number of smaller islands instead of one big island and you can build bridges to connect different islands. In addition to that, you can now develop extensive new modes of transportaion and infrastructure. When it is time for the elections, you also have the ability to run election campaigns and even give speeches from the balcony of your completely customizable Palace. You even have the ability to call the statue of liberty yours, that is, if your tropican citizens are able to steal it.

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