Twitchoos RUN

Published on: October 1, 2022


Twitchoos RUN is an adventure platform game being released in 2020 for the game player all over the globe. You have to play the role of a boy in the Twitchoos RUN game. This boy was supposed to be sleeping at the start of the game but when he woke up he saw that one of his socks was missing. Now, you have to explore the game world to find it out. You will face many difficulties during this but you have to make progress overcoming them. You must collect the gifts on your way as you explore the area.

You can play the Twitchoos RUN game in offline mode with artificial intelligence and also in online mode against your viewers. In the online mode, your viewers will set traps on your way to stop your progress in the game. But you have to dodge them and continue going on your adventure. In the speed run mode, you will earn rewards on ending the game rapidly. Twitchoos RUN bohat is a fun loving third person platform game to be featured on computer systems.