Two Point Hospital


Published on: October 1, 2022
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Two Point Hospital is a 2018 business simulation game developed by Two Point Studios. The game serves as the spiritual successor to the 1997 game, Theme Hospital.

The game is set in the fictional Two Point County. In this game, your job is to build and manage a network of hospitals in order to treat and cure the citizens suffering fictitious illnesses. You have a lot of customization options and you can design and modify every little nook and corner of your masterpiece. Subtle elements like decorative items to aesthetically enhance the look of your hospital make the experience very immersive. OfCourse no piece of art can glorify those walls more than the annual end of the year awards.

Start with treating minor illness and as you gain more experience, develop a sophisticated system of interconnected hospitals capable of handling all the patients in the county, use the profit to add further facilities and fund the research and development needed to invent cures for fatal diseases.

Your main goal is to build a network designed to take in as many patients as possible and building the infrastructure to handle that load. More traffic means more income, and with that income you can further expand your network. In addition to that, you have to provide facilities to the patients curated to their needs because the patients in Two Point County aren’t your usual kinds of patients. Some patients are light headed as in they have a light bulb for a head, others are Freddie Mercury impersonators. Not only are you going to have to cater to their illnesses but also their boredom and make sure to hire some janitors with ghost capturing skills, because in Two Point Hospital, when some patients die, they don’t really, well..die.

The process of diagnosing a patient starts in the GP’s Room and the patients are further evaluated in different rooms if their illness calls for it. As you make progress in the game, the challenges and tasks become more difficult. You can sometimes get an influx of patients with a disease or a full-blown pandemic. You are given a limited number of vaccines and you have to efficiently use them for all patients, otherwise your reputation is tarnished and, this affects the number of patients coming to your hospital. On the other hand, if you do well, you are given annual awards and ‘Kudosh’, a currency used to unlock additional items in the game.

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