Word Charmer: Spell The Magic

An adventure game in which the players will need to make new words and cast magical spells on the enemies. Bring down the enemy monsters and earn yourself coins. You can use these coins to buy different things from the game’s shop.

Price: Free

Published on: October 1, 2022


Word Charmer: Spell The Magic is a word adventure game specially designed for android mobile phones. You will need to play the role of a magic wizard in this game. There will be a grid on your screen including different alphabetic letters. You have to make different words out of these letters. Once you make a word, you can cast a magical spell on your enemies. There are 50 stages in the game, and you will need to bring down all the evil forces out there.

You will be given various rewards after making progress in the game and counter the monsters to earn coins. Word Charmer is available for free on the Google play store.