Word Whisk

Okay, it’s a cheater app – but we’ll call it a solution assistant. Sometimes, when you are playing a game where you are given a bunch of letters and have to figure out one or two words, things get tough and frustrating.

Price: Free

Published on: February 24, 2021


WordWhisk app has a dictionary with over 140,000 possible words and will quickly find all possible words when given a set of letters and a word length.

By default, WordWhisk does not show you full words but will start with a single starting letter (and an optional last letter). If more of the candidate words is desired, then a ‘+’ button can be pressed to expose one more letter at a time.

WordWhisk can also find two-word combinations and single words with a length range.

Special Note: Why do we ask for $1.99 to use this fun helper app rather than just show ads? Because we want to smooth your experience when whisking for words, so that there is very little delay in moving along with your word game, especially since the games for which you are getting word hints are already showering you with ads. Enjoy!

Last Updated on February 24, 2021