Psychic Playground Codes

Psychic Playground is a sandbox experience that lets you unleash your psychic powers and wreak havoc in a dynamic world. Embrace your extraordinary abilities as you step into the shoes of a psychic powerhouse. With a simple yet exhilarating mechanic, hold down the throw button to channel your inner strength and build up power. Feel the rush as you lift and manipulate cars, turning them into your very own projectiles.

Active Codes

PsychicLoveUse it to get free rewards
5000LikesUse it to get free rewards

How to Redeem codes?

To redeem the codes in Psychic Playground, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Enter the game and click on the gift box icon on the left side of the screen. 
  • Input the code in the provided text box. 
  • Finally, Press the “Enter” key to receive the corresponding reward.