Ranking Each Race From Worst to Best: Blox Fruits

If you are a player with great interest in the game Blox Fruits, you will find out the ranking of all the races V4 in Blox Fruits in this guide.

The Last Place

There’s mink on this place, V4 Minx. New V4 capabilities don’t have extremely forceful advantages; instead, they help in awarding mink mobility and a disturbing tornado that can be spammed to annoy the opponent. Giving you a chance to attack while they are stunned. Mink was the strongest race before update 18 but now became the weakest, which is unfortunate.

The Fifth Place

Fish V4! Fishman’s bonus armor will give you crazy survivability making you very tough to kill, even for humans; the slowness debuff on enemies hit is also great good and can be stacked immediately with things that hit multiple times, like acids M1 or Gatling attacks. The debuff all makes enemies have more damage which means your combos come a little more powerful.

The Fourth Place

Cyborg V4, Cyborg’s capability to cripple the observation and chain damage to enemies around is extremely good. Mixed with his already excellent V3 ability makes this race highly strengthened but indeed not as strong as the top three races.

The Third Place

Ghoul V4, its massive Aura when enhanced grants are strong, slow, and an extremely disturbing blind on enemies that is wildly hard to escape as ghoul moves faster than most other races. While also slowing the other person the crows fired from the Aura deals good damage but can be dodged with Haki. It’s like a Ranger’s Aura that concentrates more on the damage. The life steal on every move makes Ghoul V4 very difficult to kill. If you keep spamming long-ranged moves when you are a low-life steal, it heals you a lot and is quite overpowered.

The Second Place

Angel V4, its capability Kings rule gives a forceful slow, stuck, energy drain, and Screen Distortion. As well as observation breaks to combos that put the enemy close to you such as Dough Etc. It will make strong combos easily in one shot and include extra stun. You can also assault enemies while flying with Angel by holding the jump button which can be extremely disturbing in a fight. Angel is doubtlessly the second-strongest race in Blox Fruits. Since the race in the first place is perfectly OP.

The First Place

This race has made a comeback from being one of the weakest to currently being the strongest in Blox Fruits. Human V4 is extremely overpowered. Three very far teleports give it great mobility and its rage ability on top of its original V3 ability gives humans crazy damage that can kill anyone extremely quickly with just some of the moves, on top of being perfectly unstoppable when using attacks. Human V4 has OP mobility and an insane amount of damage buff your moves also cannot be canceled even when someone lands their hits on you.