Roblox Anime Tappers Codes

Anime Tappers is a Roblox game where you will need to gain tap by keep clicking on the screen. Evolve your pets and explore the world to defeat mighty bosses. You can also rebirth your character to make them even stronger.

Active Codes

YENUse it to get 15 yen
X3TAPANESEUse it to get ten minutes of three times taps
WITCHUse it to get the witch’s hat cursor
UPDATEUse it to get three times yen for 10 minutes
ULTRADUCKYUse it to get five minutes of ultra-duck luck
TOADBOIUse it to get toadboi pet
TITANUse it to get 500 taps and 25 yen
SLEEPYUse it to get zenitu sleeping pet
SAOUse it to get 580 taps and 15 yen
SAIYANUse it to get 250 yen
RUSSOUse it to get russo pet
RELEASEUse it to get 1,000 taps
RAGEUse it to get purps pet
PUMPKINUse it to get the pumpkin cursor
POWER UPUse it to get 900 taps
ONEPIECEUse it to get 350 coins and 15 yen
NOFEARUse it to get an adult gon pet
LUCKYDUCKYUse it to get a boost
LUCKUse it to get 10 minutes of super luck
JUZOUse it to get a spooky juzo pet
HALLOWEENUse it to get 250 coins and 25 yen
GHOSTUse it to get the ghost cursor
FEARUse it to get gone free pet
DUNGEONSUse it to get 60 yen and 500 taps
BROOMUse it to get the broom cursor
BRAWLUse it to get rock lee pet
AOGIRITREEUse it to get 200 coins and 45 yen

How to redeem a gift code in Anime Tappers?

You need to follow the steps listed below in order to redeem the codes in Roblox Anime Tappers:

  • Launch the “Anime Tappers” game on your device.
  • Look for the “Twitter Bird” icon; it’s usually located on the main screen.
  • Enter the provided code into the “Enter Gift Code” section.
  • To complete the process, confirm your entry by tapping the “Claim” button. This will grant you the rewards within the game.