Roblox Shoot a Friend Simulator Scripts

In this guide, you’ll find all the available scripts for the Roblox Shoot a Friend Simulator game along with the procedure of executing the scripts using the Roblox script executor. Additionally, you’ll find out about the perks that you’ll be getting by using these scripts.

Shoot a Friend Simulator

Shoot a Friend Simulator is a Roblox game where you will need to shoot an arrow at your friends. Defeat all your friends to become the most accurate archer. You can unlock new bows and collect adorable pets who will accompany you on your journey. 

Functions of Scripts

Scripts allow the players to get additional advantages in the Shoot a Friend Simulator game. This will unlock arrows, bows, claim gifts, and auto hatch. You can auto-farm and also get the following perks by executing the script.  

  • Auto Farm
  • Unlock Arrows
  • Best Train
  • Unlock Bows
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Claim Gifts
  • Auto Shoot
  • Equip Best
  • Auto Hatch


You can use the following script to get some extra perks in Roblox Shoot a Friend Simulator:


How to Execute Roblox Shoot a Friend Simulator Script?

In order to execute the Shoot a Friend Simulator script you can follow these steps:

  • Copy the above script to the clipboard and hop into the game. 
  • Open any available Roblox executor and place the copied script in the input field. 
  • Execute the script to enjoy its perks. 

Best Roblox Script Executors

The Roblox script executors give you the power to enhance your gaming experience by injecting custom scripts into your favorite games. These versatile executors can unlock a realm of additional functionality that knows no bounds. Whether you’re playing on a PC, mobile device, or any other platform, our curated list of Roblox script executors offers seamless compatibility across the board. 

  • Synapse X: This exceptional executor, Synapse X, boasts an extensive library of sophisticated scripts, empowering players to effectively exploit and enhance their Roblox gaming experience.
  • Vega X: Vega X is one of the best and easiest-to-use keyless executors to exploit Roblox games. 
  • Velyse Executor: The Roblox Valyse Executor is a potent level 8 tool designed for exploiting Roblox games. It provides built-in protection against anti-cheat detection within the game.
  • Fluxus: An executor with a modest yet advanced user-friendly user interface to execute scripts for the Roblox games.   
  • Krnl Executor: This roblox script executor gains reputable recognition due to its ability to run complex scripts efficiently.
  • Arceus X (Android): The first ever Android Roblox Mod menu to exploit your game by adding advanced features to the base game.